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Welcome to Tamil Minus One HQ the place where you can find Tamil Song Lyrics with Karaoke, this site is dedicated to all people who are passionate about singing and learning the ways to better perform their favorite numbers. Most people are casual singers but there are also a few who are serious and have the desire to learn more regarding music so we wish that you will find this site to be useful and helpful

Whether you’re an absolute newbie, or haven’t sung shortly, it’s by no means too late to get into singing. Singing can provide you braveness, get your coronary heart pumping and would possibly even enhance your mind energy! Read on for heat-up workouts, singing suggestions and who to contact if you wish to take the following step. Remember, you may sing anyplace – on the couch, within the bathe, or with your pals on the street!

Singing Tips

FREE YOUR VOICE : Bad Vocal Habits


Finding your ability to sing begins with awareness of your singing instrument – your voice. Awareness of where it comes from, how it works, and how to wield it whenever and however you want. Is there a short cut to better singing? Can we jump straight into tackling vocal problems? …

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Singing with Confidence : Vocal Delivery


While most people say that singers sing well because they are confident, I’ve also known a lot of people who are confident and can’t sing well. Confidence is important to help you hold a vocal performance well. But, here is the chicken and egg situation…. do you have to be confident …

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Vocal Tone: Sounding like you, and nobody else.


“You sound identical to _____________!” Great, if it was a singer you want. However, more often than not, we’re drawn or pay extra consideration to singers who’ve id, whose voice we will instantly determine when she or he sings. Some of them we fancy, some we don’t. But singers who …

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